Patricia Malmierca is an Agronomist Engineer and Landscaper, a graduate of the University of the Republic of Uruguay, University of Agronomist. She is known for her gardens and designs as well as projects and execution.

Presently, she is dedicated to furthering her studies in vanguard styles such as green roofs, and self sustaining gardens by attending seminars outside of her country, as well as traveling to various countries around the world with the sole purpose of discovering the origins of landscaping according to the vision of various cultures. She has participated and continues to participate in landscaping and gardening projects that include farms (estancias), “chacras maritimas”, urban gardens, terraces and commercial properties as well as restoring abandoned parks with the objective of recuperating the spirit of its creator.

"While designing a landscape, my greatest challenge is to create what Mother Earth needs in each specific case."


EN King's Cross. El gran desarrollo londinense
10/03/2016 • EN Espacio Natural
EN King's Cross se ha convertido en una de las reconstrucciones más impresionantes y emocionantes de Londres. El pasado industrial de época victoriana, ha dejado paso a una de las zonas con mayor desarrollo en Londres: lo que se había convertido en un infrautilizado páramo industrial, hoy en día constituye el mayor espacio de desarrollo urbano en Europa , con la presencia de la mayor calle de Londres desde Kingsway (1904) y la mayor plaza pública desde Trafalgar Square (1845).